Know your risk for genetic cancers. It’s free, it’s private, and it can save your life.


See How It Works

Take a 5-minute questionnaire to receive your breast cancer Risk Assessment, see if you qualify for hereditary cancer genetic testing, and learn how you can lower your risk.


Testing saves lives

Complete your Risk Assessment and we'll donate $5 to The Kammie K. Preston Hereditary Cancer Foundation to fund education and free testing for women without insurance.

It's easy... way easier than cancer.

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    Share Your History

    Take a 5 minute questionnaire to receive a free breast cancer Risk Assessment Report and see if you qualify for genetic testing.

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    Give Some Spit

    If you are at an elevated risk for genetic cancer, we will mail you a free Spit Kit. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s covered by almost all insurers.

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    Make a Plan

    Our genetic educators are available for immediate consultation and to review your genetic testing options.


Until there is a cure, this is how we beat cancer. We live healthy, we find it early and we use our knowledge to advance the cure for all women. Give a Spit is more than a movement… we’re a support system, a patient navigator, an advocate and an ass-kicker. Our services are free, completely private, and focused on removing barriers for women to get access to the care they need and deserve.